Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today (at lunchtime) my wonderful friend Mel (who i'm sure will also be posting about this and will probably give a much better explaination of what we were up to) invited me to be 'Curious about craft'.
Outside the law building in chancellors court (birmingham university) the craft bus had parked and we went to see what activities were being undertaken.

Today international action weaver Travis Meinolf was there and got us weaving on small hand held looms. These 'backstrap' looms are similar to those used all over the world, often tried around trees etc we did it tied to each other as you can see below. Its all part of the curious about craft exhibition created by craftspace in which a mobile unit is touring 40 wards of birmingham. The pieces of weaving that are produced will be sewn togeather to produce a blanket (like the one displayed by Travis below). I had alot of fun and if anyone is intereted do visit the links in this post!



  1. That looks like such fun! I wish the bus would divert up the M6 to Stoke.. I'm a big fan of Travis Meinolf & would love to try weaving. Cool...!

  2. great post! I must add something to the blog too!!


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