Saturday, 5 March 2011

Book review- Debbie Bliss ultimate baby knits.

Hi all, i was a lucky girl and was sent the Debbie Bliss book of ultimate baby knits to review

This Book is first and formost beautiful, it is coffee table material with such wonderful pictures of babys in cute outfits! At the beginning it has the usual how to knit guide and stitch libary followed by the patterns. It has patterns for most things you could want to knit for a little one, a large choice of cardigans and jumpers, booties, blankets and nappy covers. All done in Debbbies range of yarns. As is usual with these things i borrowed my mums knitting expertise and got her to knit up a couple of things. she tried out a hooded jacket and a pinafore dress which as you can see are modelled below by my tiny!

Obviously not done in Debbies yarns but in things from my mums stash the jumper turned out well. The pinafore was a touch baggy around the back. this may be due to the yarn of the fact that tiny lacks a bum! none the less i think it was well worth the effort my mum put into moss stitching it. Once again a fantastic book of modern baby knits, prehaps not for those with an extensive pile of knitting patterns but for those without, a good addition to the libary that can be left out for every one to coo over.


  1. I have that book to review too! But I need to finish the pattern I decided to make as my test piece (the lace edge cardigan) before I can blog it.

    I agree its a beautiful book, lovely knitting or just for looking and longing


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