Thursday, 10 March 2011

Things for we are birmingham

Well, i was a busy large beaver (i can't say little its just now correct!) last night and got some of the things i've been faffing with finished to take into the we are birmingham shop today (hope they arn't stock taking or anything!)
There are cushions (one of which i showed you the beginnings of here), lavender hearts and some more chickens (well it is spring!).
Hope people like them, my kids do and wanted to keep all the cushions, so i have had to promise to make them some!
Hope everyone is keeping well, not having weather thats to hideous and if making things.x


  1. Cute chicken beanbags. Well done on those cushions too, they are very sweet x

  2. What lovely items, the beanbags are fun! I love the fabric too (wink wink)!!! I just wanted to also say, thank you so much for my parcel. It was more than I could possibly had asked for in a Birthday parcel, it was such a nice surprise. I was having a low morning, what with watching the Japanese tsunami/earthquake news on the TV amongst other things (that I won't bore you with). But it really did perk me right up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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