Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Stuff from today and a giveaway!

What ho chaps!
ok sorry that was abit cheery for a dull day like today! I'll try and brighten things up for you (well amuse you anyway! if you just want to see the bit about the giveaway, scroll down)).
I've been to the libary and go a book out on embroidary. My mums family (well the girls) were into this. my mum has some loverly examples that her mum did (i must photograph these so you can see) and i have a nice one that my great auntie did (she didn't have children and so had lots of time for sewing!).
Anyway, other than bigging up the libary as a great source of information (mine has several knitting books, sewing books, beading etc etc etc) i'd like to show you what i've managed so far...
This is a whipped chain stitch (apparently!) and some feather stitch, i'll be making a lavender heart out of it.
This one is a hand appliqued flower, button hole for the petals and feather on the leaf edges. will also do a stem and that! The fabric is going to be (if all goes to plan) a cushion cover.

Also of interest is this nice piece of fabric (about 1m) that i picked up at coventry market yesterday for £1! (i took small boy ice skating.)
OK So now onto the interesting bit - the giveaway
In my last post i reviewed Cath kidsons sew,

and it is this along with something else which i haven't decided on yet but will probably be some cath kidson fabric (the circusy one) will be the prize (and possibly some chocolate but i may eat that!)!
So to enter all you have to do is.....

  • Be a follower and
  • Leave me a comment on this post saying what i should make with the orange fabric!
Entries by 8th of march, so you have 1 week.
Please tell all your friends about this, Cheers!


  1. I follow. I can see you making a car, or even a fabric gun (if you are OK with that sort of thing, and I know a lot of people that aren't, and that's fine too. Assume that's an adequate disclaimer....) or, or, or....

    ....a Hobbyhorse. This would make a great horses head!!!

  2. I love the fabric, it makes my eyes go funny! LOL Shame it's only 1 meter, it would make a funky knee length a line skirt. I know this is a bit boring, but how about a cushion. It would have lots of impact in the middle of chair! I have 2 meters of fabric that I bought to make a skirt, but everyone says it's a bad idea so I may (like you) do a post asking for advice. Good luck with the Giveaway! I'm so glad you're pleased with the fabric, do let me know what you decide to do with it. Emma x

  3. wow, what great orange fabric....... I think it would make a great elephant !!!!

  4. Oo that fabric is lovely, so many things you could do with it. Though personally I would probably make a stuffed monster cuchion out of it complete with felt eyes, big nose and some stringy woolly hair. :)

  5. I'm a follower.

    My husband loves orange so I would make him a case for his iPad!


Your comments are alway welcome, i know they take you time, i appreciate each one because, the smile they bring is mine.