Monday, 28 March 2011


Well i had myself a great time at the sewing show on friday, a big-up to julie who won tickets and gave them to me so me and my mum could have a good time! I spent loads of money (as usual), but did manage not to use up my credit limit! hopfully i'mm get round to using my purchases and i'll let you see the results!
Other than  that i made something so the spring makes me sing swap, so i can't let you see it yet.
The only other thing i got up to was a party for my little godson (hes 3 today, happy birthday little chap. xxx). It was on saturday, and i realise about an hour before we went that i hadn't sorted a gift or card! (Doh!) a quick visit to amazon and my 'gift' cupboard sorted the pressy and a few minutes with some felt scraps. glue and a pen made him an 'interesting' card! well at least he likes dinosaurs!
(sorry the piccys abit fuzzy, one day i'll get the hang of my camera!)
see you all soon. x


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