Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spring makes me sing

I joined in with the spring makes me sing swap (organised by jackie) and was very impressed that i managed to get my package sent off within the specified time frame! (whether it will arrive within it is up to the royal mail!)
I was most excited when my office mate walked into my office with a big package for me (Yipee! i have thngs sent to work as there is more chance of their being someone about to recieve it!)
It contained.....
lots of lovely parcels which contained all sorts fo goodies

Fabric, and little wooden butterflies, soap and bath fizzys and buttons and wrapping paper and an address book and tissues (not sure if these will be good for my hayfever being covered in flowers) and a beautiful crochet flower pin and crocheted bunting (which will look fab in tinys room), and cool flowery tags and CHOCOLATE (which is nearly gone!)
Its all very exciting
i sent (and if you haven't recieved it Jacey look away now and yes some of it is wrapped in 'made by tiny' wrapping paper!)......... wool, all the things needed to make crispy cakes, coffee, craft ribbon, a dog toy for dudley (how could i not included something for him!), a crochet supplement from a knitting magazine, a lavender heart and a bag made out of an old pair of jeans (i believe its called upcycling! indeed i'm so chuffed with how it turned out i'll be making myself one!)

How she likes it! i love mine.


  1. It's such a good idea, must feel like crafting Christmas to get the parcel through the post!!

    Mmmmm, I want to make rice crispie cakes now :)

    Kerry xxx


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