Thursday, 24 March 2011

post 100!

Wow i've made it to post 100! woo hoo. I have to say i'm very impressed with myself for carrying on for so long. I'm also impressed that despite being totally pooped from my san diego trip i've made something since i got back. I signed up to annie the felt fairys monthly make. The plan is we sign up to make one thing every month. Ths month we are all doing the same thing and making 'stanleys' (dogs, cath kidson style).
Here is my version:
I finished him last night and left him out on the sofa. Tiny grabbed him when she came down this morning and proceeded to make him woof alot! think he's found a friend!

The only other thing i wanted to show you was a little thing i made before i went off to america, a gift for my work friend's birthday. I got the pattern from cloth magazine and now want to make one for myself in blue (tardis style!) but need to shrink the pattern abit as i have a smaller phone than her.
How could i esist putting fish in the phone box!
see you all one post 101!

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