Monday, 14 March 2011

things from home

today i thought i'd share with you a couple of the things in my home. Two were made my me and one by my great auntie (on my mums side, which is where i get any sewing skills from).
This one is a cross stitch sampler type thing done for tiny and this one is my boys

and finally, the picture my my great aunt, which hangs in the downstaits loo!
I used to hang in her spare bedroom and i admired it when we visited. When she moved into a home we cleared her house out and i aquired it and some other beautiful things she made. Not sure what sort of bird he is but for some reason i call it a partrige!


  1. Your cross stitch is lovely and must have taken some time. Love the 'partridge' picture too. It's great to be able to keep these things in the family, and inspire future generations.


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