Thursday, 29 March 2012


Despite being very tired this week (i fell asleep on the sofa again last night!) i have managed to make something this week.
 Firstly i made a notebook cover - a woody owl
I selected lots of woodland like fabrics to make him up and them embroidered him on. I was hoping for a 60's sort of style, esp. with his eyes! not sure if i achieved that but he looks quite good.
When made up i found the cover to be too big. For a bit i thought about having to take it apart and shrink it (or find a bigger book, anything other than taking it apart!) but them an idea crept into my head - pen holder! and lo and behold the cover was just the right size to create a pen holder at the top! (wow!)

Quite chuffed with that error! he'll be up for sale soon so yell if you want first dibs!

Last night i went with rustling up a couple of Easter 'baskets' (OK, they are not baskets in the true sense of the word but its what you have at Easter so I'm sticking with it!)

Felt was cut out (these basket won't be very strong but then just how heavy can a chocolate egg be?)
i popped a triangle of yellow felt on them and made them into chicks. Think the chick needs an eye (black sequin) and i may have to hunt out a tad of orange for their beaks.
just hope the kiddies appreciate them! if they do i may consider making so more for next year but with added interfacing or the like for strength!


  1. Your owl is awesome - how much is he please? (I can't afford a penny until May as April is scarily expensive with travelling south to a wedding and then travelling east to the son's 25th - eek 25? How did that happen, last time I looked I was just getting used to him becoming a teenager!)

    1. owly is all yours. 25, i can't believe mine is 7 soon! where did the time go! :)


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