Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sewing show - part 2

My last post told you all about my trip to the sewing for pleasure (etc) show.
While there, in the embroidery, fashion and stitch part i saw some beautiful work which i want to share with you. Some of it is just beautiful and some is science related but then you'd expect that from me really!
Firstly some work by Anne Smedley (who i believe is part of this group)

Then there was work by Linda Rudkin

Very beautiful,
Then some lovely embroidery,with interesting textures from miss Lucy
I couldn't resist these -  part of a display by the second turning textile group

 couldn't help but think what beautiful skate dresses they'd make!
Now - on to the science bit!
After a little bit of hunting i located some science - 

This bit or work, which is so pretty, was inspired by the structure of proteins. This lady was once an organic chemist but now jenny Langley makes textile art. The little strands represent the bonds between atoms, such is the beauty of nature.
I couldn't resist this piece - 

A periodic table! This was created by one of the members of Fulcrum, a group of artists working with bondaweb, decovil and solufleece (sorry i couldn't find an online link for them.
And finally but by no means least - 
Stacie Charlton (who blogs here)

Her work is based on fossils ans totally appeals to my anatomical side!

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  1. Love the blog.
    The member of Fulcrum who made the Periodic Table (and who is amazingly talented) is Claire Wheat and she, and can be contacted via Adult Learning Department, Longslade Community College, Birstall, Leicestershire. Linda Rudkin, who did the 'waste' belts, has her own website and does workshops - she, too, is amazing!


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