Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mothers day

OK, its Tuesday but its my first day back at the big computer rather than my phone (which is OK for just checking things but rubbish for actually doing stuff!)
As i have been busy doing things that are not sewing i thought you'd like to see what my children russeled up for mothers day - 
Tiny made - 
 A beautiful picture of me!
Her first bit of sewing (I'm very proud!)
and a fridge magnet (which weighs far too much for the little strips of magnet she put on the back and it keeps hitting the floor!)

My lad made me a card
The 2 smaller flowers can be pulled out and used to request a cup of tea or help with dinner!
did you get/send anything nice?

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  1. What lovely presents and cards, so much thought and love gone into them you can tell! Jenny x


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