Monday, 2 April 2012

Friday sparkels

Well, Friday was a fun day. I stepped out for my comfort zone and i have to say I'm quite chuffed with the result!
Yes, this is 4 way stretch Lycra (a psychedelic foil!). I knew my machine had stretch stitches but I've never really used them. I've been sticking to sewing with cotton cos it easy!
On Friday i stepped away from the cottons and sewed with this - quite a radical step really. 
I found the 'overlocker' foot for my machine and tried that out too! 
this is what i made!

A skate dress. I even managed to machine in the elastic on the leg holes and everything!
Tiny likes it

OK, so it doesn't have that professional finish that an over locker would give but it works and its survived being washed too as just after i took this shot she poured hot chocolate on herself!
I now have to make something for the lad (its only fair). 
can you tell what it is yet?
and don't you just love the drying mechanism i came up with!


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