Monday, 26 March 2012

Sewing show

Friday  - the trip to the sewing for pleasure (and associated hobby crafts and fashion embroidery & stitch) show was undertaken. That makes it sound like a massive effort but it wasn't, because i enjoy it alot and i live very, very close to the NEC meaning that i can drop the offspring at school and still arrive before it opens!

My mum and i wandered through the hobby crafts bit, looking at the lovely things on sale but managed to resist buying anything as i really don't need any more general craft items to try and hide somewhere! 
We had a good look at the beautiful costumes from downton abbey, which i must thank because knowing they would be there won me tickets to get into the show! (it was on the ICHF facebook page! thank you ICHF)

We wandered around some of the beautiful embroidery and fabric art on display (there will be more in my next post) and then on into the sewing section.
It was very hard not to spend an absolute fortune here as there were so many beautiful fabrics, buttons and trimmings!
We said hello to the clothkits lady
these things tempt me so much but i have 5 unmade ones at home which i figured I'd better sew up before i get any more!
We said hi to ABAKHAN
These were the lovely people who gave me money to spend for my second place in the sewing directories Christmas comp. Mum (in the blue top) got some wool for baby jumpers from them as a fantastic price! i really hope they consider opening a shop down here soon!

More lusting after pretty things followed, i did get new machine needles and looked at over lockers! (didn't get one though!)
Hope everyone else who went had a good time and if not hope you can make next years.


  1. Oooooh, it looks fun, lucky you being so close to the NEC, and all the wonderful exhibitions they hold! I can't wait to see the embroidery photos :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. I went on Friday as well, it was good fun wasn't.


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