Monday, 5 March 2012

That dress and more

 I finally got tiny to try on her new dress and pop outside for a twirl. 
No idea why she needed to wear reindeer antlers but thats 4 year olds for you!

I only managed to get if off her when she started eating peanut butter and i suggested that it may get grubby!

On friday i had a tinker with a note book cover

Yes, its chalk board fabric. This has been claimed by my lad but i'm not sure about it, The chalk rubs off (obviously) making it harder to carry about.
Any thoughts what else i could do with the chalk board fabric?

I have got started on something else for the lad, more shorts (i do make him alot of these!). I have been soo tired lately, droping off at 8.30pm ish! I think last nights 45min hamster hunt (a small girl left his house open! he was hiding in my fabric stash!!!!) woke me up abit but i'm not sure i need that every evening!

Also - my big brother is moving house, what do i make as a new home gift for them? your idea are most welcome, and don't for get my giveaway, ends in a couple of days. TTFN!


  1. That's a brilliant dress! But I think the reindeer antlers just finish it off, so well chosen, young model.

  2. The chalk board fabric looks fascinating. If it is washable, could applique a patch onto kids' clothing so that they can draw on it? They could have a different picture each time.

  3. Ohhh, I want that dress soooo much... luckly, lucky Tiny! I think the antlers look great with it as well

    I made an apron & oven gloves for a friend who moved in to a new house (she got them as wedding gifts being as I am a skinflint!) and I'm going to make her a peg bag soon too

  4. I'm just popping in to say "hello" as we have been partnered in the Diamond Jubilee Giveaway.I think that dress is great!I can see a production line comming on.You could make a fortune.It is great to see someone is still making clothes for their children.I used to make all my daughter's clothes when she was small.We had no money so it was needs must. A few years ago I made a patchwork quilt of the bits that were left over.It's up in the loft somewhere!


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