Wednesday, 21 March 2012

White boots

This is the reason I've not got much sewing done.
i know its a children's book, but i read ballet shoes as a child and loved it (i still have it!) so now I've got the skating bug i got this to read. 
You may have noticed that I've been getting the skating bug! I seem to do that sort of thing, every couple of years i find a something new and obsess about it, i learn all about it and through myself into it with gusto, I've done it with gardening (that wore off after a year or so), sewing, this one hasn't worn off, and now skating! do not however expect pictures of me in skating dresses though, tiny may get one but not me, that would be way to scary!

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  1. I like obsessing over things, it makes life interesting. And nothing wrong with children's books, I read them all the time (although I'm on a teen fiction kick at the moment)


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