Monday, 20 February 2012

Yey, i almost finished the frock!

Ok, i didn't quite get it completly finished but its very very close!
This is where i'd got to on saturday night. It took alot of talking myself into doing it. I didn't know if the sleeves and collar  and changes i'd made would work and by procrastinationg it ment i hadn't screwed it up.
So one deep breath later i'd done it, and it doesn't look half bad.
Yesterday i added the skirt, a full circle so tiny can twirl.

Doesn't look bad really. Just have button hole and buttons to add. I bort some cover it yourself buttons, so i'll give them ago as i think that would be the finishing touch. 
Do you think its worked? Not bad for a piece of fabric which set me back a whole £1!!!


  1. It looks fantastic, I love the colours.

  2. Hey looks lovely lovley style ,like the skirt .. xx
    Julie Murphy form Giftswithheart xx

  3. wow, it looks great. well done.

  4. So gorgeous... both the dress and Tiny and you, you are so very talented

  5. Thanks for entering our giveaway!!!

    If you do not mind me asking, what kind of science do you study? I have a degree in Environmental Science and am doing my PhD at the moment.

    1. i do oral immunolgy (gum disease!) it even exciting on rare occasions, or when someone brings in chocolate!


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