Monday, 6 February 2012

Chocolate fun

Yesterday i didn't do fabric, i did chocolate! Me and laughingsnail went on a chocolate making workshop (the same on is on groupon today (06.02.12)  if anyone fancies it!).
We braved to snowy ground and made our way to a birmingham hotel to ge greeted by a chilly room that had a distinct chocolate smell!
After a taste test! we got to work, mixing
piping out (and yes i couldn't help but laugh a lot at the resulting lines! i have such a childish sense of humour!)

rolling into small balls of choccy ganash (ok i'm sure you don't spell it like that but you know what i mean!)

Covering some gloves in chocolate so we could cover the choccy balls in more scrummy chocolate

and then piping on decoration
Yes i ate loads, yes it was very yummy, yes i will try this at home and i most definatly had a fab time.
Thankyou chocolate 7 who ran the course and thankyou to our lovely instructer Ray and his son.

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