Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Continuing the cowboy theme.....

 Last night was a continuation of all things cowboy. The outfit is now finished but i won't show you it complete till after wild west day! (and yes I've already started plotting Tinys outfit for when she has wild west day in about 2 years time!)

After making a poncho for the lad (from a freebie brown fleece blanket my mummy had) there was a bit left over so i made a waistcoat type thing. Not fancy in anyway but it will keep my friends lad a tad warmer!

Here it is modelled by my sons shirt! He has 3 checked shirts and has selected this one. The others are now on their way to another friends house as i suspected (correctly) that 6 year old girls do not, in general, always have checked shirts!

I then (after a visit to the land of Internet for design features) made holsters for his colts/peacemakers/plastic guns!

I didn't think they were bad but this morning he seemed wholly unimpressed. Perhaps he'll like them when they are on!
Ye-Ha etc


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