Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ok, its not finished yet and its driving me round the bend!

I haven't finished it! it seems to be taking forever and everytime i look at it it seems to be laughing at me!
 I will beat you silly dress! (and you better look good when your done!)

Still have to finish the sleeves (bind in white i think) add buttons and holes and sew on the tulle i added to the 'underskirt' (its fully lined!) to make the bottom of the frock as puffy as it is around the waist!
I must be mad taking on such things! AND IF IT LOOKS GOOD I'LL PROBABLY MAKE A SECOND TO SEE IF IT SELLS! (please kill me now!)

Anyway -  to make sure i keep up with my resolution to make one thing every week, last night i produced this -

Apple crumble - a tiny bit burned on the top but most tasty with custard (yum yum)
also looking yummy is the cupcake picture tiny made -  wonder if you can get edible feathers?


Your comments are alway welcome, i know they take you time, i appreciate each one because, the smile they bring is mine.