Tuesday, 7 February 2012

cowboy spurs -tutorial

Ye-ha! My lad has wild west day on friday at school so being slightly mad i said i'd make him some spurs! So if for some reason you ever need a set i'm giving you this tutorial!
You'll need:
Bottle caps
Bodge tape (also called gaffa tape) or foil and tape/glue
Ribbon or string

1: Take bottle caps and remove from bottles (you may now drink the contents but i don't suggest continueing till the next day!)
these were from the very lovely 'other helen' who has a chum who brews beer - cheers!

2: put a hole in each cap - roughly in the centre. i used a nail and a heavy thing!
3: measure out approx 50cm of wire (this does kiddy spurs ~size1 uk, you may need to increase or decrease). Thread on 2 bottle caps so the 'frilly' bits sit togeather, and bend the wire in half.

4: Bend each side of the wire back on itself, and twist togeather, leaving a loop at the end that is away from the caps

5: now cover the wire in bodge tape - (or foil). I used tape because it covered up the 'sharp' ends of the wire.
6: twist the wire together just next to the caps

7: now shape the wire round the cowboy boot (or whatever your cowboy/girl is going to be wearing)
8: Thread ribbon/string through the loops, and run it around the boot/shoe and tie it up

yi-ha you now have spurs!

Ride-em cowboy!


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