Wednesday, 15 February 2012


What ho all,
Yesterday was spent creating, but not with fabric (i was just too tired to even lift the scissors last night, or watch big fat Gypsy weddings!!!!!!! but not tired enough to stop me eating icecream)
I took the children to Bruton park in Solihull (along with a friend and her lass who's the same age as my lad). They have a nature centre in the park and yesterday they were making kites. 

Bin liner, sticks, sticky tape and string (plus a bit of cardboard loo roll and a paper clip). Tiny had lots of help from me (although i did have to resist the call of the coffee shop!) but my lad did it all himself.
Off they went to fly them
This involved lots of running from them while i me and my chum sat on our backsides with coffee! My idea of a great time in the park! After some duck feeding and loads more playing/climbing/screaming etc etc we went home.
For christmas my husband got me this...
I adore doctor who but i'm quite sure he had smaller people in mind when he purchased this! Mixing the goo is tricky, i tried twice and ended up with lumps in it both times. The lumps were smaller the second time and after lots of mixing (and a few muttered rude words) it was put into the mould by the lad.

Here is the 'flesh' doctor who that we made and tiny is showing a solidified goo blob!  (and a rather natty hand knitted cardy that my mum made for her)
Despite me being tired they still seemed to have boundless eneregy (where do they get it from???? why won't they share it with me?) so they went outside on their skates and hit each other with hockey sticks played nicely togeather.
i stayed in the kitchen with a nice warm cup of tea, watching them from the window (i do love them but i lack the urge to go and stand outside getting very very cold whilst comentating on their game!)
Tiny has now gone to stay with my parents for a couple of days and the boys are out tonight so i have a clear carpet to get some fabric out and do some cutting.


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