Monday, 16 January 2012

sewing is resumed if a little slow!

Well its taken a while to get back into sewing this year, i think the sofa has made a resolution to draw my bum towards it more often as i seem to be spending a vast amount of time sat on my rear watching the gogglebox! 

I have managed to finish someting though! A while ago (just look at the date on this post, and you can see in the pictures that its the same fabric!!!) i cut out a frock for tiny. finally i put it togeather. Sorry the pictures bad but it was in the morning! It didn't look right being just orange so i ran some dasiys round the bottom. No idea where i got them, could have been something 'collected' from my mums house!
Its in the wash now as i didn't wash the fabric prior to cutting (i was new to it all!) so need to see if there is any shrinkage.
Then i tried something new (a new pattern, nothing to exciting!)
The original pattern had long sleeves so I shortened them and added elastic to them,
I also shortened the dress and added a ribbon band (elastic filled) around the waist because it looked a little sac like on tiny!

She so loves posing for pictures!
And yes that is an amy butler fabric - it was on sale in john lewis and she liked it (then again she'd buy most of the fabric shop if you gave her a chance!)
If i made some more do you think they would sell?


  1. Oh so (sew) cute - she's a budding model! Love the dresses

  2. I think it looks great. well done you.x


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