Monday, 23 January 2012

school dogs and hockey.

Well, the sewing got delayed again, its been a busy old weekend here.
Tiny brough home the school dog! Well its her classes hand puppet dog called woof which, for any one who's had such an item come home knows, has to go everywhere with us for thew weekend and write up his diary! 
Woof went swimming, (well was stuffed in the locker), woof went ice skating
and then woof went to an ice hockey match! My lad was the mascot (v.proud mummy) - guess which one he is all lined up for the handshakes!

our team (ENL Blaze) won (5-2) so my lad is considered a lucky mascot! He got his program signed by all the players! Woof also got his program signed by all the players! (they must think i'm nuts!)

Tiny has been doing the story of the ginger bread man at school so on sunday her, woof and the lad made ginger bread things!

So now woof is back at school, his diary full and i can hopefully get on with some sewing tonight - i think tiny is suggesting a red frock with frills!

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  1. I like Tiny's artistic flair in the last picture!


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