Monday, 9 January 2012

sewing is delayed

ok, i have done no sewing again!
Its abit like the trains of late - delayed. My big brother gave me an amazon voucher for christmas so i spent it, as you do on books!
My nose is firmly in the lady of the rivers. I got into Philippa Gregorys historical books with 'the other bolyn girl' and having read that whole series i've moved on to the new cousins war set (war of the roses stuff!)

The other books as you can see are crafty ones and i'll keep you posted as to my thoughts on them and show you anything i make (esp cute frocks for tiny!)



  1. I love Philippa Gregory too, I got the same book for xmas and couldn't put it down. Have you tried Jean Plaidy? When I ran out of Philippa Gregory books I started on hers, she has a set of about 10 books covering the Tudor period, as well as about 50 others covering other time period. I currently have about 30+ of them (got lots of xmas) :-)

  2. Lovely selections! Look forwarding to hearing your thoughts on the Vintage Style for Kids too!

  3. I pointed to the Kirsty book as a Christmas pressie idea, my hubby got me the Covent Garden Soup book next to it!

  4. Philippa does it again! A great story! I just wish she wrote this one first so things would be in order. I was looking forward to reading what happens next after the Red Queen, not going backwards.


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