Thursday, 19 January 2012

Frock Fail

After making the raglan sleeved peasent type frock for tiny i had an idea. For me this is a rare and suprising occasion so i felt i must go with it! 
I wanted to use the peasent frock as a base but make it A line instead of straight, and to only have the gathering on the sleeves so the front and back would lie flat - this sort of thing.
As you can see i went with making it with the last remaining large pieces of the nice sheet, thats made 4 lovely frocks so far! I thought that if it worked it would look nice but if it failed it wouldn't really matter and i'd not have lost anything.
so, This is what it looks like on a hanger - 

Quite pretty and generally just the look i was hopeing for........

This morning when she was getting dressed for school i asked tiny to try it out so i could take a picture of it,
It looks like a sac! I got her to do some wiggling and assume a different pose....

Its still a sac! I'm not sure if it the frock or cos tiny is so , well, Tiny! 
I'd appreciate your thoughts............ (or if any of you have a 'plumper' child (3-4-5ish) that it may work on, i'll happily send it to you in return for photographic evedence that its not a sac!)


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