Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It Came!!!!

Hooray it came, it finally came, new machien has arrived! still not worked out how delivary people faff about needing signitures and that and then just leave things with a random neighbour!!!! at least i didn't have to rearrange delivary and stay home all day on saturday (having paid for the privelidge!)

Little man wouldn't leave ther box alone, he was desperate to open it. i resisted till kids were in bed and jobs had been done (hurriedly i may add). than i got to play with it, it was sooo much fun and worked like a dream first time, no faffing with dials and getting het up over tensions!

 tried out stitch number 14, its a double zig-zag suitable for doing edges on fabric that frays easily, and i was very impressed with my work! ooooooooooooooh it looks sooo good on my table (which i may even tidy now cos new machien needs space to work!)
will post a picture of what i make as soon as its made!


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