Thursday, 25 August 2011

My first love

As some of you may know (or may not know) I’m highly interested in anatomy, indeed its my first love. Its what i studied at university and what, if i had to teach anything, i'd be quite happy teaching.
I can’t help loving it and I blame my mum for letting me watch quincey as a kid. How bodies work is completely fascinating but then so is the history of the anatomists and the resurrection men who helped fuel the science, getting paid for providing bodies and body parts, abit like cash for gold but with bigger envelopes!
 I think the most well know of these chaps has to be burke and hare who turned to murder to supply the body trade and after being caught, burke was hung and dissected too! I believe that they tanned his skin and made things from it (very crafty but not something I’ll be trying soon, despite thinking that I should add more science to my makings!). They are alot more careful about the use of bodies these days, lots of new rules and regulations, loads since i dissected too (we'd never get away with some of the things we got up too now!)
It all come to mind cos my chum is putting science into her pottery. Shes been making ceramic molecules which are rather cool (and i'm hopeing may be on my christmas list hint hint!) but also nodes. These are part of an earth network, A way of using ceramics to link people by location, freindship etc (do go join in if you fancy it!)

So if i add more of my anatomical love to my sewing what should i sew? an eye ball? i have been promising myself an antibody! And just where will i find the time when i've half a table to fill for a craft thngy in novemeber (i know its a way away but everything in my life takes 14 times as long as planned due to procrastinatory or child or work or other calamities!)

Should i sew anatomy into fabric or fabric into anatomy? (i mean should i make a fabric eye ball or quilt with my toe nail clippings?)


  1. Yes definitely, check out Pinterest (sorry for banging on about it, but it's great for inspiration) and search any subject in fabric and you'd be surprised what people make in fabric. And if you don't find anything then there is clearly a gap in the market. I have Tweeted you a link to a great heart cushion. I think there's definitely be a 'geeky' market for that kind of thing. x

  2. As a parasitologist, i am desperate to sew my own fabric bugs after absolutely loving the cuddly giant microbes!

  3. I am with Emma, I saw a felt heart - and I mean a heart with valves and veins! Yikes I nearly had a heart attack! lol! xx

  4. Thinking about it my boys would love a 'softie' man with velcro belly and you can remove the insides, maybe beanbag style pieces? A bit like the Operation Game.

  5. I love Emma's idea - you should so go for that! My twin nephews would love it too


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