Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the gallery - Water

I've gone for water in one of its other forms - ice
Last week me and my lad went skating evry day - yes EVERY day! we had a 30min lesson everyday and learnt so much. we can skate backwards and stop and do little jumps! i'm very proud of my lad and he just loves being on the frozen water!


  1. Well done, It took me ages to master it... lots of bruises in the process 'ouch'
    Sue Xxx

  2. Very impressed at what he's learned in such a short time!

    My only memory of ice skating is clinging to the side, falling several times and almost squashing my daughter. Then again, perhaps 35 was the wrong age to try and take up something like this. She's not asked to go back!

  3. I remember going skating 1978. It was on a family holiday and we went to Birmingham, I was 15 and decided to wander on my own and I happened on the rink and went in; I wasn't bad at all that day, but when I tried again a few years later I was rubbish!

  4. Well done, I've been a few times and I'm always too scared to let go of the side!


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