Wednesday, 17 August 2011

and here is what i bort......

well i should show you what i bort at the festival of quilts
sorry the pictures are rubbish, i was having a worse than usual photo day!
 Some loverly ribbons,

And a mix of fabrics, The grey splodgy stuff is what i've used for my secret project which i'll be able to tell you more about in september. 
I loved the tea pots and just could not resist the pants!. I have plans for the fabric with coffee related words all over and the other one with words on is christmassy, being that it has reindeer names all over it. 
In the top left corner you can just about see the reddy fabric i won in a lucky dip and the black 'frog spawn' fabric was a pressy from my friend who bort so much fabric she got some free, and as i like this she got it for me!  (what a fab chum).
I can't remember is i mentioned it but i went to the festival because i won tickets via the loverly sewing directory  so a big thank you goes to fiona. 

On friday i ended up at Ikea! Depending on which way you look at it, its lucky or unfortunate that its next to the ice skating rink in coventry. As me and my small ones are now regulars at the ice rink we end up at ikea for some food afterwards as it cheaper (and more healthy) than ice rink burgers! it does however mean that i am forced to go past the ikea fabric section and more often than not i have to buy some!
I don't have plans for it all, but its a good price in there so had to get some. The only problem i had was with my lad. I asked his sister which was the prettist fabric (pink and flowery sorts) and not him so he had a huff! in futre i'll ask him about the flowery fabrics (bet we end up with roses on blue next time!)


  1. Ikea's fabrics are great aren't they? The floral one looks very Cath Kidston, I love the ladscape type ones they have with mountains & trees. So far i've resisted as I don't have a project in mind for it....yet!

    Glad you had a great time at the show after the ticket issues I dont think i'll be giving any away next year!

  2. just love those ribbons, i have some and sit and admire them :)

  3. Boys are so funny! Our 4 year old son was nagging his Grandma (my MILaw) to teach him knitting as she was teaching our 6 year old daughter!


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