Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Book review - Knits to give

Knits to Give
30 Knitted Gift Ideas
by Debbie Bliss

Once again i have been asked to review one of Debbie Bliss' beautiful books (by the loverly Quadrille Books). This book, Knits to Give, has 30 projects designed for knitters to give as gifts although i'm sure you'd agree the book itself would also make a fantastic gift for avid knitters.
As usual the layout, design and pictures with in the book are coffee table material, something to keep out and admire. It contains the usual list of wools and what else could be used, fantstic for those with wool stashes just waiting to be used up. It also has a lovely section on gift wrapping and suggestions on popping extra buttons and/or washing instructions into the package, a fantastic idea! It doesn't have any basics on knitting and so is not aimed at the new to knitting and i wouldn't recommend it to learners.

The projects them selves are split into 5 sections, for her. for him, for baby, for kids and for home.
The for her section has some loverly items in ans well as some that are more unusual (pill box hat anyone?). The shug is fabulous and i really fancy one for myself!
For men (the ever hard to come up with a gift idea group) there is knitted ties,  a hansome scarf and a doggy coat (although i'm not sure that is strictly for him!).
Its the babys and kiddies sections where once again, debbies designs come into their own. I have fallen in love with some bunnie booties and dungrees from the kids section and adore the ladybird bag in the kids. My mum, who as usual i have shared this book with as she knits far more than i do, thinks ths kids lion scarf is fantastic. I'm sure she will have her needles out soon and i'll update this when i have pictures of her work. 

All i can say is If you want to knit for presents or know a knitter, then this book would be a fantastic addition to your/their pattern collection.


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