Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Golden Mum

Although I love my kids dearly, I know this summer holiday is going to be hard work (although not as much work as next year when they have both been at school!). Trying to organize who is having which week off to be with my lad and who he’s visiting when has made my head a jumble. I'm still at work over the holidays and having used up lots of my days off looking after ill kiddies and going to Easter assemblies I'm short on days. The school isn't running its play scheme this year as only 7 kids were interested! (what do all the other parents do????) All i can say is THANK YOU MUM!

My mum is being totally gold this summer, not the sort of gold you pop in an envolope and send off to a cash for gold website (although if someone wants to offer me her weight in the stuff i'd be jamming it in an envelope faster than my kids can shove sweets in their mouths!).

The sort of gold that a wonderful mum who says they'll have your son for 2 weeks even though shes not all that well these days and she'll be exhausted at the end of it.

All I can say is hooray for Grams. I know my dad (grandpuff) gets lots of mentions on here but my mum is an unsung hero and today I want to big her up. Thank you mummy X, we love you.

This is a sponsered post, A donation has been made towards the cause my mum has been supporting all this year, having raised nearly £500 pounds with her baking and knitting for doing the electirics at the listed church that she attends.

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  1. Aren't mums just the greatest - I know mine was brilliant when my lad was still at home and it really helped that she was a teacher,so she was free when he was

    So glad you have such a fab one too :)


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