Monday, 15 August 2011

More from the festival of quilts-the science view!

Well i have been meaning to blog over the weekend but didn't get round to it (like a loy of other things).
So here are a few more lovelry quilts with my thoughts on them which i think are very different from the quilt makers in some cases!
 This one is representing festival but to me its a large piece of galndular tissue (think salivary gland or lung tissue!) while the one below was called pots and pans but me and my friend thought it was a very beautiful illustration of skin. There are hair folicals (the pans), with skin cells surounding them, connective tissue beneath and shedding cells above!

 Here are trilobites, more geological than biological and below a very loverly anatomical heart.

 The skulls are obvious i think while the one below is obvioulsy (to me anyway) fat cells!
 This one is either plant cells or muscle cells, depends on which you want it to be!
Well that was a trip into quilts from my science perspective, Maybe its time i made a quilt!


  1. What an interesting perspective on the show!!! I can't remember the skull one, even though we spent hours looking around all the quilts!!! and we didn't leave enough time for too much shopping :(
    Sue Xxx

  2. Great pics!

    Have finally sorted my unbirthday swap parcel - who do I send it off to - was it you or bibbitybob?



  3. Just goes to show that quilts, just like art, are open to interpretation.

    I see nature in them, the top one looks like a tree, the second like bulbs pushing through the ground, the third leaves and of course the last one seaweed.


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