Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Book review - Scrap Quilt Projects

A few weeks ago the lovely people at vive books gave some of us crafty bloggers the chance to review one of their books. Vive books is the downloady bit of rainbow books who produce quality books from top authers, in digital format.

I chose this one 
I've been wanting to try some quilting for ages but a whole quilt always seems daunting. I thought this would help introduce me to it alittle.
The purchase process was very easy and had wonderful communication with Vivienne Wells who runs the site.
the book itself has a handy 'how to use this book' guide at the front for those of use who have never really used e-books before.
It contains a varity of projects, suitable for people who normally quilt but want something quick and easy to use up scraps/use as presents and for beginners like me. 
The projects included are a needlecase, bags, mini quilts, cushions, tablemats, a door stop and a pencil case.
For each there is a full but easy to follow set of instructions and if templates are needed they are provided. For any of the projects that have slightly more complex techinques in (flying ducks, Amish stars etc) there is a guide at the back of the book which gives more in depth detail on how to achieve this. Its easy to print out if thats your prefered way to work, it tells you what pages to print for each project so you don't have to flip though working it out for yourself.

The only thing i'm missing as a beginner is a section on how to quilt, although the instructions are great i felt i could have done with a section in the techniques pages about 'how to quilt', basic hints and tips.

I did try a project from the book and i really enjoyed it. I didn't make it quite to instructions as i had to work with what i had in my smaller bits of fabric pile. I went for the pencil case which is suposed to look like this

I did in the red, with blue and yellow triangles and quilted in green. I also went for a spot of upcycling, using cut up bits of an old fleece jacket as the wadding (totally staying in the using up my stash theme). The instuctions were easy to follow, my main problem was that my printer is currently playing up  and missed half the instructions out!

This is my end result. Quite proud of it really. My lad has claimed it for school and Tiny now wants one but in pink!
I would happily recommend this book, it has some lovely scrap stash busting ideas but think its not a book for total sewing beginners.


  1. That is a super pencil case, love the colours!


  2. That is a super pencil case, love the colours!



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