Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The gallery - girls

What ho,
 this week the gallery's topic is girls. It fits in fantastically with what i planned to blog today!

So here is my girl - All dressed up in her evacuee outfit - 1930's/40's girl
She had a great time a school yesterday, they had jelly and plain biscuits and plain cakes (she made sure i knew they were plain with no icing cos they didn't have that then!) and sandwiches, ham, cheese and jam (very excited about the jam she was! Then again she was also very excited about the real fabric hanky i put in her pocket!)

Her new dress and hair in a ribbon
with the hand knitted cardy (by grams) and label.
Ready to go out, complete with woolly leggings, hand knitted hat and scarf (couldn't find the matching mittens!), coat (a handy down) and her 'gas mask' (aka box in brown paper with string!)

She loves her dress so much she says she is wearing it to the school disco tomorrow!


  1. I love the label round her neck... excellent images


  2. Lovely! And so satisfying for you that
    1. you could produce such a brilliant outfit and
    2. that your daughter is so appreciative.
    This post made me smile.... :)

  3. what a lovely dress but even better smile! :-)

  4. A great outfit and the buffet sounds nice even being plain ;)
    Hope she has a good time at the disco x

  5. What a fab idea. She really looks the part.

  6. Funny she was so adamant about the icing!! The dress suits her so well, you did a great job!


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