Thursday, 21 February 2013

Press studs and eggs

I have been as unproductive as an unproductive thing that's having a day off to do nothing!

This week i have managed to play far too many games of monopoly (the doctor who version! its half term) and put some poppers/press studs on the skate dresses!

It the first time I've tried the 'smack with a hammer' sort and I'm quite chuffed with them. They can't be too hard to do if i managed it but I'm still chuffed none the less.

In theory this means that should Tiny decide to wear her dress she can get out of it by herself - thus she can go for a wee without having to find someone to undo her dress!

Other than discovering that the lad has magical hotel buying skills in monopoly (i hope he's that good when he's older - he can keep me in a style to which i am NOT accustomed) I've noticed eggs popping up around Birmingham

I've seen these 2

they are part of an Easter egg hunt organised by Lindt and action for children. there is 101 eggs and they are in brum until Monday, then they visit Liverpool, Manchester,Glasgow and return to London (they have been there already). May have to see which others we can find!


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