Monday, 4 March 2013

Another cat dress

 Made Tiny yet another frock!
This time its a Halloween fabric, but as far as she is concerned it is purple and has cats on it! 

I went for a bit of a bodge job, i love the top of peasant dresses but Tiny is really skinny so the just look like a sac (I've done one before for her and ended up putting elastic round the middle tinys dress) so i added a straighter skirt. 
It required me to pop a zip in the back or she'd never get it on, but i think its come out OK.


  1. If you'd not mentioned about it being a Halloween fabric, I would not have labelled it as such. I'm with Tiny on this - it's purple fabric with cats on it (and very cute too).

  2. oooh it's another one I wish I could wear!


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