Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The gallery - noses

What ho,
 This week on the gallery is noses......
Yes, i give you a lovely picture of the nasal cavity! (from a colour atlas of head and neck anatomy by McMinn, Hutchings and Logan)

What else did you expect from an anatomist!


  1. Mine is so big that there is probably room to fit a number 24

  2. What random facts can you tell us? x

    1. random facts, the nasla cavity (inside bit of nose) has a left and a right part, each is devided into 3 depending on what sort of membrane it has lining it!

  3. Ooo bit of learning with the theme today. Like it!

  4. hmmm, maybe I should show my mother...she had a fall last week and landed splat on her nose. Not sensible, she now realises.

  5. oh that's got me thinking! But can only identify a few of those numbers :(


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