Monday, 11 February 2013

skate dresses

What ho,
i did sewing. My sewing machine had though i had abandoned it and didn't love it any more but no!
I've made 2 frocks (well, not totally finished them but got a good way with them)
A pink one 
Its a crushed velvet 4 way stretch, (please, once again excuse the filth on my carpet)

and a white and purple one
again in the velvets (the purple isn't as dark as it looks in this picture). I wanted to try something that wasn't just one colour so have just gone with a 'swoosh'!
Next time i may try some thing more adventurous!


  1. Replies
    1. the ones you make are very nice too :) these just have the pants in to tiny doesn't flash her knickers on the ice!

  2. They've turned out great - that crushed velvet stuff stuff has always looked terrible to work with, but you seem to have had a good time with it!


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