Wednesday, 4 July 2012

something completely different

I know i normally tell you all about my latest make but today i wanted to tell you about my weekend away.
My hubby got me one of those KGD deals for christmas. It was for a weekend away at GI jane bootcamp.
Yes i did type that correctly - BOOT CAMP! 
Me, the sofa surfing queen of lazy doing excersize!!!!!!

Well off I went on friday, trainers and jog bottoms packed. My train journey down was exciting as train journeys generally are. On the train was a lady, with a bag and i wondered if she was bootcamping too. At the station i went out side to wait and lo and behold she joined me and we got chatting. As we did andother 5 ladies joined us and then we all piled in a taxi and set off. 

The place where the bootcamp is held is beautiful and the view out of the room i shared with 2 other lovely ladies was magnificent (but i failed to take pictures so you'll have to take my word for it!)

We got started once we had all been weighed and measured, situps, pressups and a 1.2mile run!
The next 2 days were packed with strenuous activities, hard work but utter fun . Our trainers were fantastic, pushing us to achieve everything we could. The sunday afternoon assult course (complete with wooden guns) was tough but even i kept going for the sake of the brown hens (our team, named after one of the hens that was wondering about and i kept eyeing up for dinner).

In the evenings we had salsa dancing and a body image talk. I also ventured into the 'ice bath' (big blue barrel filled with really cold water, and i mean really!) We also had a presentation from the nutritionalist.
I lost a little weight and some inches but more importantly i had the most fantastic weekend and have made some fantastic friends. I'd go again but not straight away, i need my muscles to recover first!


  1. Wow, that actually sounds really brilliant - I'd love to go on one, will have to keep an eye on my deals emails to see what comes up

    Love that you had an eye on the hen for dinner... thought it was just me that does that kind of thing!

  2. really does sound like fun.


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