Wednesday, 18 July 2012

fabric and 60's cushions!

What ho,
A couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to win some fabric but instead of posting it out to me, yesterday i met up with the lovely Rachel (who blogs here) for a coffee. 

I'm so jealous of all the lovely things she makes, and of her grans massive fabric collection, part of which is up for sale as she's emigrating. (if your in Cornwall this summer you could pop round and do some bargain shopping! just wish i could get there!)

here is the lovely fabric she brought for me
I'm even considering doing a little quilt with it (but don't hold me to that!)
Then we went for a shopping trip to the markets behind the bull ring.

I know mothers day was a while ago now but i need to get my mum her gift! I promised her some fabric!
Mum has decided that her cushion covers have had it
Yes, that is an original 1968/9 cushion cover. As you can see its got stained over the years and she wants new ones BUT the curtains (which i always thought matched but apparently are just very very close!) are staying so it has to go with this colour scheme!

A bit of a task i hear you say! Compared to everything on the market mums cushion cover is bright enough to require sunglasses!

Eventually with the help of Rachel and the fantastic chap on the fabric stall in the indoor market (he is fab, helpful and knowledgeable too) i got this.
Its a cord, it seems to match to colours in the cushion cover but will also go with the dark brown of her sofa.

I was wondering if some of the old covers could be salvaged to make edge strips/squares/flowers on the new cushions, tying them into the curtains.
What do you think?

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  1. OOh, yes it would be really nice if you could retain some of the nicer parts of the fabric to tie them all in together by edging them or something. :) Good luck with the project!


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