Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bullys latest jumper, and that

What ho,
I couldn't resist showing you all Bullys latest outfit. He had a nice jumper at christmas (i popped it on this post) and now he has a new (and sparkly, not that the picture shows that) outfit.

Doesn't he look great!

I have yet again not managed much this week, i've done some sewing for swaps but can't show you that yet, wouldn't be fair on my swap partner. 

I have however made tiny little fondant icing frogs ready to go on cupcakes for the school fair as frogs are the school emblem! (i haven't gone mad, there is good reason for the frogs!)

They are not fantastic (the red bit is ment to be a little singing mouth but i'm not convinced!) but should look like i've made some sort of effort! 
I usually help out at the fair but can't this year as i'm off to bootcamp for the weekend - Yes i am mad. I'll tell you all about it next week or the week after depending on when my muscles start working again!



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