Monday, 30 July 2012


As i currently have sewing constipation (yes my sewing gland seems well and truly bunged up!) today you get to see 'Art'. Well, i suppose you could call it that! I took my Little people to a drawing class on Sunday at the Barber institute of fine arts. They had a go at anatomical drawing!

First they did some warm up exercises - drawing a person very quickly

 and hers.
then they drew a foetus (from a picture of a wax model)

here is tinys
here is my version
and here is the lads, with a close up study of the head

then they tried to draw a wax model of an embryo
 first, mine and tinys (i drew it and she coloured, she was getting bored by this point)
and here is my lads
after this tiny decided to draw other things while my lad continued on to something else (i have no idea what!)
I think they enjoyed it, it was perhaps a bit advanced for tiny but they have some more over the summer which involve painting with scissors and wire!
visit here if your around brum over the summer and fancy doing some 'art'


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