Monday, 16 July 2012

A little making

I have been very tired this last week and i think i now know why. The small people have infected me with some bug or other and its making me cough, thank you children!

I did however manage to finish the bag i was making for a thank you teacher gift. I have previously not made gifts myself for teachers at the end of term but bort them from this lovely lady. notebook covers with the teachers name on. This year my lads teaching assistant is the same lady he had last year so I've made her a bag instead (i know her reasonably well and think she'll love it)

Please excuse my manky carpet! 
I have made 2 so if anyone likes it the other one is available and i may get round to listing it some time in the next century!

I also got party bags made for Tiny's party (she's going to be 5!!!!!!)
Pink for the girls and blue for the boys

And although the party isn't till next weekend they are filled and ready to go!


Your comments are alway welcome, i know they take you time, i appreciate each one because, the smile they bring is mine.