Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Everything OZ

Hello chaps,
 Sorry its been while, Things have been really hectic and I've hardly had a chance to breath.
Well just before i went off on my boot camp (see my last post) i was sent a book to review

Its the all new and very lovely Everything OZ, the wizard book of makes and bakes.
This is the sequel to the inspired Everything Alice. The whole book has that turn of the century 'show' feel. Its in the type print used and its filled with lots of lovely snippets of the book and circusy poster.

As with everything Alice it has a multitude of different crafts, cakes, hair pieces, eye masks and of course ruby slippers, there are even doggy treats (for Toto).

I can't help but like this book (who doesn't like the idea of squashed witch cupcakes!) Its not as party themed as everything Alice but there are still ideas which i shall be using for Tinys forth coming birthday party (rainbow cake anyone?)

Having looked at the makes, i do find that they take up as little space as possible (so as to cram in loads) but then a little detail is lost in the instructions. I'll still be trying them though.

  Tiny and my lad got the chance to try some out at the weekend. Waterstones in Birmingham held an everything OZ craft session.

They tested muffins and rainbow cake.
Then they both made dancing tin men (and yes tiny had her face painted)

All in all a fun book with lots of lovely fun (and emerald green) projects.


  1. So cute! Sad we couldn't have been there - I would love to use the photos for the "Your Oz" part of the website - are you happy for me to do so? www.evertyhingozbook.com

    1. Hi, your more than welcome to use them. I can mail them if its easier than nabing them of here. Just email me. :)


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