Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stocking swap - Pairs

What ho,
Ok, i'm a few days late - please forgive me.
Here are the stocking swap pairs.

Undomesticated scientist & Made in Suisse

Hope your swapping goes well. Yell if you have any problems and i'll try to help. Do let me know when you've recieved your swap and do blog it so we can all see what you got cos we are nosey!


  1. Exciting!! I'll get onto it as soon as we have finished moving houses and that my crafty supplies have resurfaced!

  2. Erm... my partenr doesn't have a blog or an email on their profile! Help!! ;-) Grannie Chrissi, if you read this please can you contact me? My email is on my profile, thanks, Rae


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