Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Giveaway and stuff

What ho,
Its half term so i've been busy on the ice rink.
The giveaway is at the end so scroll down through the waffle or take alook, what ever floats your pirate ship!
Yes i did say pirate ship. i can hear the word pirate now with out wanting to kill everything pirate related. After days of excitement, last friday was my lads pirate day at sc hool,  i even had to make pirate ship toast!
Then we dressed him as a pirate and off he went to school. my problem was that he was still over excited and piratey when he got home, his sister joined in too and after being hit for about 2hrs with a plastic sword and having AAAAARRRRRR shouted in my ear i'd had enough!
Well, i have done some making, although with 3 kids round the house (our niece is staying for the holidays) its not that easy.
I've been at the bunting - what do you think?

As we have been iceskating i got the chance to pop into IKEA. they have their christmas fabric in (Hooray!).
 i had to get some
they also have some lovely red and white candy stripes, just plain red, but a lovely deep christmassy red and some fabric that is covered with international santas!
So to celebrate the release of the christmas fabric and my 200th post i'm haveing a give away.

You could win 1m of this lovely christmas fabric,
A set of fat quaters (6) of the daisy jane geo grandy fabrics (as seem in this post Fabric )
And a tooth monster  - in your choice of colour

And so - how to win -
leave me a message
you can gain bonus entries by
Likeing me on face book and leaving a message
Tweeting this giveaway and leaving a message
blogging it and leaving a message

I'll draw it by some random method (i usually use my kids and they are quite random!) on november the 10th, so get your entries in by 5.30pm GMT on the 9th so i can get the kids to draw it before they go to bed. Good luck.


  1. Ooooo a fabric giveaway I can actually enter (It's gutting I can't enter my own lol). Your xmas bunting looks great, will have to pop to Ikea sometime and check out their xmas fabric range.

  2. Wowee lucky boy to have pirate ship toast! I'd love some Ikea fabric - it's too far to go for me (probably cost me a fortune in fuel too)! thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Fabulous giveaway - love Ikea! Love the pirate day too - things us mums suffer for our children lol

  4. Love the new Ikea fabric. Me wants some now, tho I'm trying to kick fabric buying habbit. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 200th post.

  5. Love your bunting, so pretty! great giveaway would love to be included :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. a giveaway! hooray! thank you and please include me. That Ikea fabric is stunning. may have to go pick some up. They really would sell so much more fabric if they let us order on line!

  7. What a wonderful giveaway, please count me in... the bunting is gorgeous, I want to go to Ikea now :(
    Sue XXx

  8. Ooh, Christmas fabrics at IKEA you say?? I'll need to think of an excuse to go!!

  9. I have to get something for my kitchen in Ikea but I might just pop in to the fabric dept too! I was going to make felt cushions for Christmas but I might change your mind after your blog.

  10. I'm taking my son to Ikea when he comes to sit in a couple of weeks (yes, he likes it there too... honest!!) so I'll have to have a good rummage in the fabric dept!

    PLease can I be entered in the giveway too? :)

  11. Oh yes please There isn't an Ikea anyway near me and I love their fabrics.

  12. Christmas Bunting, what a great idea - I've not thought of that before! Count me in please.

  13. I have Tweeted the Giveaway, thanks for the second chance! X

  14. Love the heads up re: the IKEA fabric. I always forget to look there. I've got a growing list to get there anyway. likin' the idea of the international santas one.


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