Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Well Today i'm waffling on about monsters.
I've made one for my lad and tiny is one!
Here is the lads monster - 
Its a tooth monster ready for when his tooth, that is beginning to wobble, comes out. He can put his tooth in the pocket and the monster will guard it till the tooth fairy comes and swaps it for cash! note the 2 rows of chomping teeth!
The other monster in our house at present is tiny. She's been having tantrums at school (inc. kicking etc). I had to see the head.  Just how i get a 4 year old to not have tantrums when shes at school i'm not sure. I agree that she needs to grow up abit but if you can make a child grow up a little does the head not think i would have done that after the 1st one! And don't get me started on her toileting!!!!!!!!! (or lack of it!)

Deeps breaths and more sewing needed i think!


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