Monday, 31 October 2011

Half term and the like

Well i did managed to blog last week during half term, 
And i'd like to direct you here if you haven't entered my fabric giveaway yet . (you could win 1m of ikea christmas fabric, and some fat quaters of the daisy jane geo grandey type stuff!)

Here is some of my week - this is katy perry which i attended with my niece, her first gig (sorry its rubbish but i never claimed to be good at photos!)
The costumes were fantastic, worth it just for that!
On thursday i popped to the rag market in birmingham for a couple of things. It was a struggle but as i have no plans for it i managed not to buy up loads of this lovely christmas ribbon!
(how tempting!!!!!)

Then this greeted me on my way home and made me smile
On friday we went on a little holiday with grams and grandpuff (my mum and dad). The kids had no idea where we were going and no idea their grand parents would be there.
can you guess where we went?
(and yes, i was over excited that his little bit of the display had been altered to go with the lastest series!)

Suprisingly i managed to finish off a few things over the weekend (by sewing in the car!) and here they are.

Monster pencil case type things, christmas trees and angels. i have some green trees almost done too. Just hope they sell at the craft fairs.


  1. Sewing in the car??! don't you get car-sick? I love the monster pencil cases!

  2. Did you plug the sewing machine in the cigarette lighter??? LOL Great work!


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