Monday, 13 June 2011

Dresses and other things from a weekend.

Well its been a busy old long weekend, Tiny has been poorly (again!)
But it has given me a chance to get the pillow slip dresses finished (see below)
  Tiny modelled this one for me (shes after one now!)

On 2 of them i tried using the button hole technique from my old sewing book, the others are done by sholder ties (ive run out of elastic!). All but 2 are made form old pillow cases, the 'star burst' ones are created from an old duvet cover! hooray for the versitility of bedding!
Last week i also made some tutu type skirts as i'd had a request for one from a friend (she wanted on for her grand daughter), one of the flowery bits is sewn to the skirt, the other has a ribbon on so it can be attached to a wrist, pony tail of wand! i had enough net left to make another (but smaller) one. I'll be putting that one (below left)  in my folksy shop when i've measured the waist!

On Saturday i had a loverly parcel from thr button company. I joined their button club (you get a buttony selection 4 times a year). This box contained some fab buttons all wrapped up like sweeties and a braclet to make. Within moments tiny had me stitching a button on to her broach (which i was sent by the loverly black cactus when i bort a cushion cover with peeved rabbit on). i also made up the bracelet!


  1. Well done with the dresses, they look so cute! I love the buttons as well :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Wow! Couldn't resist a sneeky peek!! They are gorgeous. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it. Can't wait to see the buttonhole technique ones. Thats new to me - have learnt loads since doing this dress thing! Thanks again. x


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