Monday, 18 October 2010

in which i do something stupid!

Ok, i have done something stupid! I have signed up to a stall at the church craft fair! now i have to find the time to make things for it! i could do with some help ideas wise! what should i make???? i've cut out some hair bands and notebook covers! and thought i'd do some of these storge bags too. (from sewhip)
Little bags (for little people) and prehaps some bigger ones for bigger people. any more ideas!!!!
I have to get moving on this as i'm busy for the next few weekends! this weekend we visited friends and i got my 1st cuddle of their little girl. i have met jessica (the little one who i made the pink stocking for) before but couldn't cuddle her as she has pierre robin sequence and had to lie still!
the kids enjoyed giving her loves too. i think she may have a crush on boy when shes older!
It quite nice to see her with out her tube (although this was because she sicked it out!)
Jessica - we love you. x


  1. Even though it is only October get some Christmas fabric and make "stockings", gift bags etc. You could also try (not in Christmas fabric) tissue holders, hearts stuffed with lavender, aprons etc. If you google the name with tutorial (eg tissue holder tutorial) you'll also find out how to make them and probably a pattern. Hope this helps.

  2. thanks for that. any excuse to pop to the markets! i'll get googling!

  3. The bags from set hip look great. I agree with Christine, stuffed lavender bags/hearts etc are lovely and relativley quick to make x

  4. At my last stall I sold lots of cushions (although I didn't sell any at the previous one). I took Xmas decorations but not one of them sold (guess I was too early)? My painted signs went well - you can easily buy blanks on e-bay. I also sold quite a few painted dolly pegs and bunting.xx

  5. Definitely time to get that Christmas feeling going!


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